Cultural Foundation
Age: 7 - 14
The registration date is not the actual class date.
(Date and Time to be scheduled directly with Children Art Centre)

Terms and Conditions

By registering for the arts activity (workshop, course, event) I accept in full that Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) Art Centre’s accepts no responsibility for injury and/or death sustained during this activity either on DCT Art Centre premises or outside, or, through online participation. It is a condition of acceptance of this activity that I waive all and any such claims I may have (and on behalf of the participant) howsoever arising, against DCT Art Centre’s and the staff and supervisors. In the event of a participant’s behavior being disruptive to the group or staff, DCT Art Centre’s management reserves the right to withdraw the participant from the activities whether online or in a DCT Art Centre venue. If the activity is taking place in a DCT venue and the participant is under the age of eighteen years old DCT Art Centre management will ask the parents(s) / guardian(s) promptly come to collect him / her. I also agree, as a condition of acceptance of this activity that I indemnify and agree to hold harmless DCT Art Centre’s and the staff and supervisors, against all such claims brought by third parties howsoever arising as a result of the activity whether negligent or not.

Video & Photography
By registering for a DCT Art Centre workshop/course/activity/event I give my permission and consent to DCT Art Centre’s recording the workshop/course/activity/event by taking photographs, video stills and video footage.
DCT Art Centre face-to-face and online workshops will be recorded for DCT internal records. DCT may use the footage, photographs, video and video stills in DCT advertising, collateral or marketing materials.