Basic of the Fabric Painting

Starting from 15, Jun 2023

Fabric Painting this is a very beautiful art form that can be made into paintings or clothing.

14+, Material Included

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Piano Inna

Starting from 30, Jun 2023

Music can contribute greatly to the emotional development of a child

Date & Time to be determined by Children Art Centre

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MAH - Dyeing in natural colors

Starting from 26, Jun 2023

Dyeing is the process of coating fibers, yarns, or fabrics with a consistent layer of one solid color.

Abstract Calligraphy and Ink Techniques

Starting from 12, Jun 2023



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BAK - Floral decoration on the bags

Starting from 27, Jun 2023

Floral decoration refers to the motifs that consist of drawings derived from the elements of nature that are a source of inspiration for their artists.


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BAK relationship shadow and light Calligraphy

Starting from 21, Jun 2023

Here lies the answer to what is the purpose of the perspective in simplifying the forms and making them more realistic than they were and connecting the artist's imagination to the shape that he envis


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